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Berti ?

It was necessary to recover the values of an industrialised craft...

The value of taking care of others, which the first "hosteliers" and innkeepers were naturally endowed with, and which has been passed on from generation to generation to us.

"La verrière"

Also known as the dining room, this space evolves with the hours of the day. The breakfast moment at 4:00 am if you wish. The moment when you have a small hot or cold hunger. The moment when you get together to drink a fruit nectar, discover some Alsace wines. The moment when you wish to be in a cosy place where one of our local artists' work is displayed.

"La passerelle"

“La Passerelle”, this space is the junction between the Hôtel Particulier and the extension after the 1960s, a luminous space with an old stone fireplace, it is welcoming with its large table and window sills reupholstered by a Mulhousian craftsman.

The Lounges

The Berti

The Plume

The Zuber